Coyote captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR

There are days in the field when adventure is around every corner, light shines on the diamond dust and the critters just wanna play. Today was one of those days. After a day chock full of lifelong experiences, fun photography, and good friends, the late light found us cruising Hayden Valley for the second time. The first round was quiet critter wise but plenty of other photography to fill a card. We were passing Otter Creek when we spotted a far off Coyote working the shoreline. We watched as it slowly explored and trotted along. It was paralleling us, not getting closer, just following the river. We got out and walked up the road where, if it continued on its path (and no reason to think it wouldn’t), it would come closer. At the same time, we would have a dark background to make the reflection pop. Well, going with the theme of the day, it just kept getting better and better. It just goes to show letting a critter come to you on its own terms always wins the day permitting you to reflect on marvelous!

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