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on Dec 11, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Rejuvenates the Soul

Sandhill Cranes
captured by Z6 / 500PF

There’s one place that always rejuvenates the soul, and that’s Bosque del Apache. The birds, cold air, the silence broken by their calls, the skies filled with their flights and so much more bring life and awe to all that witness it. I’m down at Bosque with my dear friends for a few days of R&R. I’m shooting with the Z6 / 500PF and having a great time not carrying all that weight around. While I’m still getting used to the EVF for action, as you can see it does an excellent job. I’m shooting in Auto-Area AF and Continuous-High Extended. The other thing I’m having to get used to is not using my ears to determine how much I’m shooting. I came back from the morning shoot think I’d not shot much to find I have over 1500 images! Thank goodness, I like them or I’d be really bummed.

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