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on Jul 13, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Remnants of Thunderstorm

Madera Canyon, AZ
captured by D6 / 8-15Fish

It was so bright, your eyes would light up white even though they were closed tight against the pillow! The walls shock with every clamp and it was, magnificent! It’s monsoon season in SE Arizona and the storms our first day was a great warm-up. It was long after midnight when the skies overhead really opened up, quite spectacular. I love lightning. When I went outside first thing this morning at 05:00 though, there was a funny color to the predawn skies. My first thought was dread that a new wildfire had been lit by the storm that night. Within a few moments though, once I walked out from under the oaks, I saw it was remnants of the thunderstorm bouncing around the first glimpse of the sun. I ran back into the cabin, grabbed the D6 / 8-15Fish, and then ran back out and up the road. The next twenty minutes were per Mother Nature magic. Oh, the skies. Wowzers!

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