The Bitterroots captured by Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8

The heater in the hothouse is now back to being on a timer rather than on 24/7. It’s one of many signs that the Montana winter is losing ground to spring. While I love the birds coming back to The Ranch, there is always a remorse to seeing the snow fade away. I don’t miss it from those areas where I like to walk, but seeing that clean white and filling the nip in the air is a special sensation that I truly love. I also worry if next winter, will I see the white stuff and magic it brings to the landscape, especially for B&W photography. With the incoming rainstorm and its effect on the snowpack, I took a moment to grab a shot or two of the remaining cap of white. I’ll pull it up a time or two during the hot summer days to remind me of what was and to help me look forward to what’s to come. Photography, is just the best keeper of memories and reminder of promises.

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