Wildflower captured by D850 / 8-15Fish

With spring comes spring color and for most photographers, a great opportunity with wildflowers. Me, on the other hand, spring wildflowers tend to bring frustration as I try to bring their story to my photography. The flip-out monitor for me is a Godsend taking away one major roadblock to my wildflower photography. What really helped me though was to move away from the traditional macro lens (though I use the Z105mc a lot these days) all the time. Grabbing the Nikkor 8-15Fish, setting it to 8mm, and going exploring I find to be really fun. Especially on a day like this with puffies floating by. Pinching the sun through the pedals getting that starburt just required waiting a few minutes (which seemed like hours) for the blossom to stop swaying in the wind to make the shot.

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