The Ranch captured by Z 8 / Z14-24f2.8

With the warmer temps of mid summer come those masters of the airways, afternoon thunderheads! While they really, really slowed down my finishing of the deck, I loved sitting there watching them grow as the day went on. Starting with clear skies and by 10:00 puffies were dotting the sky. By 13:00 there was no blue sky and by 17:00 they were black angry and ready to let loose. By 21:00 their fury released they graced the skies with shape, dimension, design and color. I have the Z 8 with the Z400f4.5 attached until dinner and then after dinner, I switch to the Z14-24f2.8 to race up the ravine to chase the clouds as they pass overhead. White balance it set to 10k, -1/3 Exp Comp dialed in, all I have to do is put one shoes and run. With Maggie running about looking for the squirrel that got away, I stare up watching the choreography of movement. The ravine provides plenty of trees to give scale and reason to look up. I zoom with my feet to keep up with Maggie and frame the skies. I just love this time of year, the season of the floating warriors.
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