Super Goose captured by D6 / 180-400VR

You might have heard of a fly-in, well a splash-in is the same thing except there’s water rather than land. You basically have a gathering of like-minded folks with a float or amphibian aircraft who gather to celebrate life and flying. There are tons of splash-ins occurring but you don’t normally hear about them as they are typically limited to those who arrive in the aircraft. Where the planes land is on water and typically, where there are no roads. That’s kinda what makes them so unique.

We had a splash-in this past weekend with Goose, Super Goose, Mallards, and Super Cub in Montana and it was one heck of a ton of fun. I’d love to share all the images with you but can’t until the article runs. I can tell you though that floating out in a lake in a raft with the D6 / 180-400VR as these great aircraft launched and recovered beside us was more fun than I can put into words. Got wet a few times from spray but nothing went overboard. If you hear of a splash-in, can’t recommend strongly enough to get involved. They are bigtime fun!

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