California Poppy captured by D2x / 70-180 macro

I’m truly enjoying the many great images being shared from talented photographers of the wildflowers of spring. I wish at times I were one of those photographers, but I am not. What you see here is what I call my “even a blind squirrel can find a nut once” macro flower photo. I say that cause this is the last spring posey photo that I really tried to make that worked and it was taken back in 2005! Have I tried to do macro since this capture? Yeah, kinda, sorta, by accident, sure!

Spring for me is more about baby birds and mammals, a subject much more in my wheelhouse. I was talking with a friend yesterday and spring for him is all about baseball. Talking with our son Jake, spring is all about fishing for him. And I could go on and on and that’s simply the cool thing about this time of year. We all have something that spring represents and they get us out with our camera to experience and express that feeling of the season. Get out even if it’s just in your own sphere and explore your spring thing with the camera. Share that photo with the rest of us and remember to make every click your story!

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