Staying in touch is such an important part of our lives! When we moved to The Ranch, we brought with us you, the massive worldwide family we are so grateful we have. But reaching out was a real issue as there is no internet here at The Ranch. For the last nine months, we have limped along on every service imaginable trying to communicate and stay in touch especially during these times. I often rented a studio with viable connection forty minutes away for virtual conferences and tutoring. That all changed for us when we were accepted into the Starlink beta program and installed it last week!

Prior to Starlink, crawling along with another satellite company (cable doesn’t exist here), on a real good day, the best we got going downhill was 25Mbps down / 3Mbps down / 600ping. Starlink doesn’t even come close to those numbers. The best we’ve had so far is 178Mbps down / 31Mbps up / 21ping! Starlink is rocking our world and I can’t rave about it enough!!!

Is it hard to set up? Not even!!! They have it basically plug n’ play. The dish comes with 500′ of cable, tons! I ordered the roof mount which comes complete for installation except for power tools. The Starling App tells you where to mount your dish, you plug it in, and just like Star Wars, the dish starts moving around, and then boom, it locks on the Satellites. It couldn’t have been simpler! In rain, snow, sun, or wind, it’s worked perfectly permitting us to put into motion plans we’ve sat on for nearly a year. It’s really nice to have the sky the limit again, talking to the heavens!

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