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on Jan 21, 2020 in Landscape Photography

The 10x Magic

Haystack Rock
captured by Z7 / Z24-70f2.8 / Breakthrough 10x ND

Bringing movement to a still image, I simply love that challenge. I’ve explored many methods of accomplishing this and now I’m exploring to me a new one. Recently I decided to explore the long exposure afforded by the 10x Neutral Density ND filter to see what it might bring to my quest. My goal is not just to blur everything because, I can. I want to bring movement to just some elements in the photo, those elements I “feel” moving as I stand there that the story. This means that the subject is not the blur. The blur tells the story of the subject.

Peter Iredale Shipwreck
captured by Z7 / Z24-70f2.8 / Breakthrough 10x ND

Braving the elements (it poured and haled taking these images), I relied on the elements to bring a mood and romance to the photo along WITH the blur. I LOVE the Breakthrough 10x ND (I got at Bedfords) and used it for these images. I shot with the Z7 / Z24-70f2.8 which performed perfectly in these elements. I relied on ND Timer to determine my exposure. I’m far from feeling like I have this under my belt so I’m successful every time I pull out the 10x. But I’m encouraged enough by my results to keep at it.

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