Cessna 206
captured by D3x / 200-400

The best way I know of saying in a photograph that it’s fall, that magical time of year, are colorful trees. When it comes to saying it’s fall flying season then is, fall color in the background. It sounds so simple. Well let me tell you, it’s not! There are many photographs in aviation I have at the top of my list to get, this is #1!

This photograph was taken back in the day in Maine when we were after Moose photos, not aircraft. We just happened to come around a bend in the road and saw this 206 taxing with great color. I made a couple of clicks and that was it. Ever since I’ve chased more but ….

FG-1D Corsair
captured by D4s / 80-400VR

With this in mind, I headed to Maine a decade back to what I thought would be a slam dunk. Though the back story is lengthy, bottom line I was with great friends and aircraft in Maine in fall, what could go wrong? The fall color was late this year. We spent an evening around looking for a big patch of fall color to put behind the fleet. No joy. argh!

Wacp GXE
captured by D750 / 24-70

Four years ago, had an amazing air-to-air and static shoot all lined up in Michigan. It included fall color, old red barns with fall color, and some great aircraft! We were all set to even create a classic old painting of a Stearman crop duster hopping over a classic barn just like in the painting. Days before we arrived as you can see, all the fall color was blown to pieces by a fierce wind-ice storm that lasts for days. Argh.

Then last year, I though I had it nailed. Over a half dozen classic, gorgeous, vintage aircraft were lined up for four days, four day of air-to-air photography over the Minnesota forest in fall. Remote stripe, great plane and pilots, four days, what an adventure. Two weeks prior to the shoot, a tornado came through and damaged the hangar with the aircraft. While the aircraft were safe, the hangar was so twisted that none of the doors could open, no aircraft could get out. Argh!

Then this year, well we all know whats going on this year. I’m up in Maine looking for opportunity cause the color is gorgeous. But that’s just how it goes with some ideas as this one continues to be the the fall aviation challenge!

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