F-86e & F-35 on a Heritage Flight capture by D5 / 180-400VR

The Heritage Flights at airshows present us with unique opportunities to photograph flying aircraft that normally wouldn’t be flying together. Founded in 2010, the Foundation’s goal is to celebrate and honor our flying freedom heritage. It brings together some great aircraft presenting us some great photographs.

Many go for the shot of all four aircraft which includes WWII aircraft like the P-40, P-47 & P-51 along with a modern inventory jet like the A-10, F-22 & F-35. Like in this photograph, I tend to look at a historic grouping I might be able to take advantage of to do a historic retrospective so to speak. In this case, the F-86 & F-35 zooming out to 400mm to capture just the two aircraft. If you want to show fifty years of jet evolution in one click, this tells that story. It’s also a way of taking the uncommon of the common.

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