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on Sep 20, 2017 in Landscape Photography

The Heritage of the Landscape

Palouse Old Barn
captured D850 / 14-24AFS

Ever since I arrived on The Palouse, the one overwhelming feeling I have is, “How do they do it?” The love and dedication the generations of farmers have had to have to make this landscape what it is and produce the grain they do is staggering! And they are only the 5th largest wheat producer in the USA! It’s on a scale that is beyond my comprehension. Even more is just how infrequently you see a home, barn, farm machine. We came around a corner and found this old barn all by itself in the hills and with the clouds, just had to stop and make its portrait. Looking through the D850 / 14-24 I so wondered its story, the good and bad times it’s seen, the snowstorms and blistering summer heat. If only it could talk, I’d sit and listen forever!

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