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on Sep 12, 2019 in Aviation

The Mighty Texan

The Mighty Texan (AT-6) has been part of the Reno Air Races from the beginning. While they go only half the speed of the Unlimited Class, the distinctive sound of their round engines just scream the races! Those who know their WWII aircraft recognize the T6 as the advance trainer nearly all pilots flew prior to being assigned their final aircraft. Coming up on eighty years old, as you can see, they still fly just fine!

These photos were taken back in 2007, my first Reno Air Race. The D3 was the body new kid on the block back then and attached to it I had the 500f4AFS. While Panning is essential in getting a sharp photo, the clouds are what make the photos work. Without those clouds so bald skies, there would be no sense of speed and little movement in the still image. The long lens permits not only a good image size but the incorporation of clouds off in the distance. Blue horizons to all the T6 racers this week.

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