The Stairs captured by Z 6II / Z14-24f2.8

It’s after 10:00AM and the sun is just thinking about breaking the horizon. Yep, I’m up near the Arctic Circle looking for light. Northern Lights that is! It was a lovely -14 this morning as we scouted looking for where we would stage tonight for the show. It was forecasted to be solid clouds but we had a gorgeous day with the skies all clear to the north. We went in for dinner coming out to the forecasted, solid cloudy skies. We’re here for a week with the next four nights forecasted for clear skies so not to worry.
These stars we came across during our scouting and with the way they seem to take you up to the clouds. You know me and clouds, I had to stop to make a click. Something about climbing to the heavens to be with the clouds just grabs my imagination. Time to rest up … hoping to be going out at 01:00 and -29 to play in the lights. mtc

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