Stallion 51 herd of Mustangs captured by D3s / 24-70f2.8

We all desire having that intimate time with an aircraft, on the ground or in the air. But how do you make that happen with the aircraft and its owner you don’t know? A bigger question in this process in your mind could be simply, “How do you stand apart from all the other photographers pointing their camera at the same plane?” I have the same problem but thankfully I learned the answer when I first started out. It’s the print! While there are a couple of owners I know who do live with their planes as the hangar and home are one and the same, they are rare. Most leave their “babies” at the airport. They can still enjoy it back at home with your print on their wall. How do they get that print? You hand it to them, for free, big and beautiful just like their aircraft! And where does that print come from? It starts with making that amazing photo of their plane as a static like you see here. Yeah, there were photographers standing on either side of me but I made the click in the camera and finished the image in the digital darkroom for the drama you see here. Then I made a print, a 24×30 and placed it in their hands. That’s how the photograph below came to be. Yeah, it’s that simple. Just show up, make the click and make the print as the print is your ticket!

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