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on Sep 10, 2019 in Aviation

The Stack Up

Stearman Speedmail
captured by D5 / 180-400VR

The Stack Up in aviation photography can actually be created in many ways yet, it’s rarely an option. That’s because keeping space between aircraft is an important safety factor. So when the occasion comes up, you have to be mentally, physically and optically prepared to take advantage of it. This was the brief scene this past weekend at the WAAAM Flyin were my good friends the Pembertons were getting ready to launch their Stearman Speedmails. With the taxiway having a slight curve to it and the direction of the light, the shot was relatively easy to capture. I ran down the taxiway when I say the opportunity. I shot D5 / 180-400VR at 400mm to “stack up” the two Speedmails even more and then looked for the light to bring the fuselage to life. Like I said, easy shot once you know the possibilities and how to work them.

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