Gray Wolves in Yellowstone captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR

By 07:20 we were at the turnout just wet of Madison Junction. The night before, we had last seen the Wapiti Pack at Seven Mile Bridge on their way up to Harlequin Lake. My senses told me they were up to something and that turnout would be the best place to sit, wait, and watch. There was a small group of Bison to the east of us and I watched them as they would know before us if the wolves were coming. Fifteen minutes later, Justin saw a group of Bison exploding in our direction from the west. They were going full speed and made the mile plus distance in just over a minute, went past us and grouped up with the Bison to the east. We knew the wolves were coming. We got out of the truck and stood next to it. A minute later, there were nine looping up the river bank in our direction.

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