“Snoopy” captured by Z 6II / 180-400VR

This time between winter and spring when the snow melts and before the flower bloom can be a photographic challenge. Dirty snow is not inviting and most plants/trees aren’t greening up yet. It’s a great time to head out for the creeks and rivers and see what water can do for your photographic passions. I am aware there are some who only like their water frozen, that’s cool. I, I like to show the passage of time and the influence of the flowing water so I go with the flow. I have a “system” that helps me get to the point where I actually start to make the final shot. It’s really simple so I can remember it.

I start with determining what lens I want to use, for these photos, it was the 180-400VR. I then take a series of photos (Aperture Priority) changing the aperture from wide open to closed down one frame / f/stop at a time. This slows the shutter speed by one stop for each exposure. I then look at which image has the “flow” effect I like and then I get to make the final image. In the Z 9 when it comes to making the final image, I set the aperture giving me the shutter speed I want, then go into the menu and set the self-timer to shoot every 2 seconds and take nine images then set the camera to self-time and shoot. When I depress the shutter release, the camera fires off nine frames and as soon as it’s done, I hit the button again and when that’s finished, one more time. Then I set up the next photograph in the viewfinder and start all over again.

It’s really a calming sort of photography and there are times I can really use that!

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