Beech 18 captured by D5 / 200-400VR2

The first airshow of 2022 is just a couple of weeks away, are you ready to get out, have fun and come back with them visual memories? I know I’m not which is why I’ve been out practicing my panning like crazy. This season I’ll be out with the Z 9 / 180-400VR, a new rig with a slightly better balance so I’m getting that muscle memory built and flexed. It starts by simply properly handholding about 30 minutes a day. The Z 9 is set to 1/20 and I keep practicing until I’m getting sharp images consistently. Then I’m building on that by following Maggie zipping about The Ranch shooting at my favorite shutter speed, 1/40. This is how I practice my panning when I’m at home. Yeah, my left arm was a little tired at first but after a week, my arm was not as tired and the number of images that were keepers was back up to where they should be. At this same time, I was also practicing with the new features in the Z 9, mainly 20fps and 3D Car subject detection (use Car with aircraft). I’m truly looking forward to getting back out with aircraft and I know by practicing now, I’ll be ready then!

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