Mule Deer buck captured by Z 6 / 180-400VR

We just love our UPS guy (Haley is great too!)! Curt is 5th generation Montanan born and raised here in the Bitterroots and is all Montanan. He is sooooo into critters that when he delivers we talk and talk and talk about what’s about, what he’s seen and asking me what I’ve been pointing my lens at lately. He’s also a craftsman creating some great pieces. On his visit yesterday, our conversation went from owls to the deer. That’s because it’s that time of year when the Muleys and White-tails drop their antlers. Neither of us have actually seen it happen but two cool videos have been shared where you see them just shake their head and they pop off. We both were wondering if before that if they pounded them on something or, if they just do pop off. The funny thing in the two videos and one we’d seen of a moose was that when the shed hits the ground, it startles the critter so they run. So Kurt is looking at the deer tracking the bucks to find the sheds for his crafts and me to photograph the process. It’s that time to shed the past.

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