Sanderling captured by Z 9 / 800AFS

We owe a lot to Sanderlings, they keep chasing the sea back into its place. Laying down in the sand using a panning plate to see their world from their point of view, the waves appear to be a tsunami. There are times when watching these LBJs I forget to take their photo as I so get into what they are doing. Take this individual. Just seconds after this photo was taken it did a complete 180, ran less then a foot, reached down and plucked a little worm like critter from the wet sand and sucked it down. How did it know it was there? It come in with the tsunami? Did it make some noise? How with all the chaos of the crashing waves did it find a meal? It’s just amazing how such a little critter in what appears to be a brutal world goes about life with such glee, always dealing with a tsunami!

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