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on Nov 20, 2018 in Aviation

Underexposure To Hide the Unwanted

C-17 Globemaster
captured by D3x / 24-70f2.8

Doing the Dance” is a huge part of my photography! “The Dance” is removing those elements that take the eye away from the subject while including those elements that tell the story. There are many ways of doing this from lens selection, f/stop, where the camera is located and one of my favorites, exposure. To me, exposure = emotion and when I can incorporate this with hiding elements in the frame, I’m a happy photographer! Here’s an old classic example of what I’m talking about.

This C-17 Globemaster was parked down the ramp at the Reno Air Races. I fell in love with how the light wrapped around that huge fuselage. I hated all the “stuff” around it so I simply underexposed by -2 stops. Then in post, I brought up the highlights which were the underexposed to what you see here. I pulled down a Split-Grad in ACR, kissed it with Nik Color Efex Pro Contrast and I was done. The key in all of this is knowing the power of underexposure and what you are capable of doing in post. All this seems way too obvious after the fact, and it is. The trick is to remember this when the subject is staring you in the face. Other than I missed the symmetry being slightly off center, I really like this photo of this aviation giant!

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