Gray Wolves captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR

Before the wolves disappeared from sight, other tourists started to stop to watch their passing. This concerned me for a moment until I heard a voice over my left shoulder say, “Be respectful of the photographers.” That blew me away almost as much as what I was seeing in the viewfinder. I don’t know who you are, but thank you ever so much for that courtesy. And with that, we continued to stand next to our truck, basically all alone with the wolves. We were standing in the pullout giving the wolves plenty of room to go where they wanted to as they looped east. This was the last we saw of them for the moment prior to taking the lower route under the bank of the river and out of sight. What was so cool to watch and made me wish there were two of me, one for shooting stills and one for shooting video, is how they followed in the tracks of the wolf in front of them. It makes perfect sense when wanting to conserve calories. Man, what an experience! mtc

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