Cessna 185B captured by Z 8 / Z70-200f2.8

There I was under the wing of the Goose, legs stretched out taking it all in as the light, it was hard. Very hard! I was at the splash-in on Priest Lake. I was watching the 185 giving rides come and go and thinking, “what great color, what nasty light.” So there I sat in the shade just watching the clouds build in front of me. Then I bent forward and happened to look east and I saw, CLOUDS! Look at those bad boys, they are gorgeous! Dang, I needed to get off my butt and do something with them. The ride 185, where is it? I see it in the pattern, it’s going to be coming in for the next rider. If I can get low enough, I can put them spectacular clouds behind it. It’s red accents would pop in front of that white and black. I could walk down the ramp and get out in the water, don’t mind getting wet or what might think is risking the gear, but that was not a good idea. Pilots wouldn’t be able to see me, know I was there, that would be dangerous. There was a dock! I could use a longer lens, lay on the dock and shoot across the water! Off I dashed and soon I was a spectacle as I did just as I thought. I didn’t end up getting wet but I got them clouds!

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