Monument Valley captured by Z 6II / Z24-70f2.8

The “end” of summer often means a slow down of my critter photography so I go looking for other drama to fill the viewfinder. I’ve wondered to many places in search of the light and one that sucks me in over and over again in August is Monument Valley. Landscapes need drama, romance to put the viewer into the landscape and for Monument Valley, the end of the summer monsoons add that last little essence of romance I look for to grab heartstrings! It takes a bit of luck, a bit of technology and a big heart to pull it all together in one click.

The luck is the monsoons perform as desired. At sunset they release their energy producing the lightning that can be absolutely magical! The technology in the form of a Miops for the lightning and a WB of 10k to bring out those reds. And the romance, that can start with a John Ford movie and a room at The View. Yeah, there are other options in August but most folks don’t think of heading to the desert during the heat of the summer. But that heat is what produces the monsoon storms and that creates the magic. Monument Valley, my idea of where to go in August!

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