Philmont Training Center captured by Z6II / Z24-70f2.8

04:45 as I headed to the truck, I can see the moon play hide and seek in the clouds. That’s exactly the clouds I wanted for sunrise. Once on the knoll, the faint glow on the horizon told me the sun was coming, but now the clouds had slid east past the horizon. Would we see the light?

To bring The Ranch to you, I shot a five vertical image pano, handheld and assembled quickly in ACR. The scene I shot though was much different. What you see is my response to the view and not actually the view. I want you to fall into this vast and beautiful place. The overcast which prevented the sun from bringing a glow never shinned. So I brought the light into the scene in post. If I hadn’t told you, I don’t think you would have known. I just want you to feel the warmth and not wonder, where’s the light.

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