AZ Ground Crew captured by D4 / 70-200f2.8

My dear friends over at AZ Ground Crew are helping to emphasize my point, winter means maintenance time for a majority of aircraft. This opens up all sorts of possibilities for your camera! Shoot with limited Depth of Focus, play with using just one or two lights being flash, LED or hangar shop lights, focus in on one mechanic or a group, the whole aircraft or one small part. Try going real wide, up close, and personal with narrow DoF or bringing a macro lens for the tiniest detail. And if you’re anything like me, put the camera down at times and get your hands dirty (remembering to clean the grease off prior to picking that camera back up again!). This simple participation in a “non-flying” activity goes a long way. You learn more about the aircraft, create a bond with the pilot / owner which more times than not, leads to time in the air with what you’ve worked on. The best part to me, it’s just simply fun!
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