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on May 30, 2019 in Wildlife Photography

Years Later … No Smarter

Black Bear
captured by Z6 / Z24-70f2.8

We’ve been seeing their tracks a lot but not them, then today, two decided to say hello at the ‘ol homestead. Our Black Bears (brown phase) can be pistols, raising havoc with our bird feeders. So when they show up, I had two things in hand, Sadie and my camera! I have both at hand almost all the time, in this case I had the Z6 / Z24-70f2.8. With both in hand, I walked out onto the deck to say hello.

Black Bear Cub
captured by D850 / 85f1.8AFS

This bear knew me, it was instantly not happy to see me emerge from the door (it could be Sadie too). I instantly recognized the bear from a few years back. Then, mom was below and had sent the kid up to try to raid my bird feeders. It didn’t go well then for the cub and it did not go any better today. After I got my photos (cause a photographer does have to have priorities), I politely told the bear to get the $#*(@# off my tree. Well, I’m pretty sure that’s what Sadie said cause the bear rapidly departed, the tree and the property. It was great to see the cub had survived but after these years, wasn’t any smarter.

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