C-47 “That’s All … Brother” captured by Z 9 / 105f2.8mc

“The Squeeze” is a simple technique I like to use to make a starburst out of the sun. You’ll see it a lot in my landscape photographs. I use it with aircraft whenever I can like you see here from a week back. A lot of the time, just closing the aperture down to its smallest opening will create a starburst out of the sun. I often combine that with “squeezing” the sun more through branches or off the edge of a rock. The makes the sun a smaller point light source and a better starburst. In this case, I didn’t want more depth of focus so I just bent down to squeeze the sun permitting a tad to peak over the top creating the starburst. It’s a really simple technique but can add some drama if you’re looking for it. You can use many landscape photography techniques with aircraft, you can squeeze with a plane too.

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