AZ Ground Crew napping under B-17 “Sentimental Journey” captured by D750 / 24-70f2.8

WWII reenactors are a special bunch like my dear friends, the AZ Ground Crew gang. They put so much time, money and passion into what it is they do, it is impressive and inspiring! They really know their history and planes! And they are a great photographic opportunity and resource at airshows! Some events like Oshkosh have massive encampments reenacting a time gone by. And they are just waiting for a little love to go into action. I have learned to talk with them, chat them up and normally within seconds they ask, “want to take our photograph?” And more then once in the process they introduce me to a plane and plane owner I didn’t know. This process opens the doors to so many possibilities but you’ve got knock and walk through to make something happen. Have those business cards handy and willingness to give away your photos and you’d be surprised what comes from the simple, “hello!” Access to aircraft can come in many directions and this one is one of the funniest. It all starts with the reeanctors, you gotta give them some love!
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