Yellowstone Grand Canyon grove captured by Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8

I know I know, the wrapping paper from this year has barely hit the floor and I’m talking about Christmas 2023! This is an old editorial photographer habitat, taking photographs this season in preparation for photographic needs for next. If your client asks for fall themed photos from you right now being winter, you can’t go out and take them. This means that if you didn’t take them this last fall, you don’t get the opportunity for a payday. That kinda thought process runs through my own photographic needs and one I have every year is, the photo for my Christmas greeting blog post. This years was taken last year so now I’m working on next years.

Yellowstone pine cone captured by Z 9 / Z24-120f4

These are two runner ups here for this year’s post. There are a couple of tricks I use in this process to pass along. Most important is to create the message this year you want to use next year. What does it look like, say and what type font? This is needed to determine in part the elements in the photograph. And it’s a lot easier to create this now while you’re still in the Holiday mood then next fall. With that, I take the photos and this trick is really important. Photos I take this year for next year I make a copy of the finished photo and change the file name to Xmas ’23#1, #2, etc. I do this so I can FIND the photos a year from now. All I have to do then next Christmas is to select the photo I like best, maybe make some tweaks and post. The panic is on in my mind, I only have 364 days left!

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