4e Speedmail captured by D5 / 70-200f4

There are only seven of these Speedmails left, and this one by far is my favorite! I’m real fortunate that I get to spend time with it every month. On this flight a number of years back always comes to mind when the first snows fall. We had already done a couple of A2A photo missions before the Speedmail. The pilots just said, “There’s still some light, lets go!” and who am I to say no?! Now the air temp on the ground was already hovering at the 20 mark but once we got up to 1000 AGL, with was Zero. Now Addison in the Speedmail was warm and toasty in his winter flight suit and cabin heater. Ryan had the heater in the 185 keeping him nice as toasty. They were actually worried about me hanging out the open door with just gloves and a long sleeve shirt. But I’m weird, I was warm and having the time of my life. Ever since though in the winter when I go to the hanger, I have all the clothes / gear I need to be up where it’s cold cause the light, it’s hot, hot, hot! Cause when I’m flying, it might be zero but who’s counting?

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