“What’s it like to shoot Air-to-Air at our Air2Air Workshop?” “Was you ass really hanging out?” “How much did you shoot with the D3x compared to the D3s?” “Can anybody shoot air-to-air?” These are just some of the questions I’ve received in the last week with all my aviation postings.

[swf]http://www.moosepeterson.com/swf_imgs/_BMP3966.swf, 585, 473, [/swf]

Well the Moose Cam was going the whole time during our flights and after nine hours of editing (I learning some more to produce a better video), I have a short that hopefully brings some of the excitement, thrill and heart pumping exhilaration this shot brought me!At the same time I hope to infect a few more and share some of what I’ve learned shooting air-to-air. Enjoy!

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