PhotoRescue has resided on my all computers since the first days of the D1. It’s one of the first programs I load on a new computer. I’m never without it. Why? Because there is always the possibility, usually at the worst moment, that images/video have to be rescued off a card. For me that time was when I was in such a bloody hurry, I forget to download a card and went back out shooting with it. This happened once and if it weren’t for PhotoRescue, I would have lost that earlier shoot. It’s now updated to deal with DSLR vid accidents which makes it even more important that you own it!

For many though, PhotoRescue is a must because of bad card habits. The program is only $29 yet I know of very few digitals shooters shooting with their $5000 body who’ve purchased this simple butt-saving program. Typically, they come up to me in a panic because they’ve lost their images and don’t have any solutions to rescue them. Do yourself a big favor, your images deserve it. Download the program right here for either Windows or Mac and try it for yourself. I guarantee that it’s not a matter of if, but of when you’ll use the program.

Download a free trial of PhotoRescue 3.25

PhotoRescue 3.25 (PC – zip)
PhotoRescue 3.25 (Mac – zip)

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