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on Aug 30, 2013 in Aviation, Moose Cam

SBD Flight Vid

Basically just like I talk about in the new chapter of Taking Flight, you show up and the flights happen. In this case though, Sharon needed the images for her work with the AZ CAF Airbase, so I was volunteered to show up which, really wasn’t all the bad. It was a great day at Osh ’13 to be flying as you’ll see in the video.


A little bit on the photography. I’m shooting with the D4 / 80-400VR3. The GoPro is mounted on the D4 via the hot shoe with the new NFlightcam Billet Mount (the red part unscrews and attaches to Manfrotto Ballhead) and has the “Bright” Aviator Lens Kit. The Aviator Lens Kit does not slow the shutter speed down enough for me, so working on improving for next flight. The video editing was done in Premier CC and the music, that help came from Roy.

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