Sales of Taking Flight – Your Start in Aviation Photography are blowing away our expectations! We’re closing in on 1000 copies of our iBook in our first month and we want to say thanks. The next 100 buyers will receive an autographed copy of the book (the photo you see above but without the type), our way of saying thanks (shipping within NoAm only, sorry)! All you have to do is email your iTunes invoice and you’ll receive a signed 8×11 signed print. Thanks to all who have made this iBook such a hit!


App Store

  • Optimized for the New iPad! Enjoy the highest resolution possible.
  • Compatible with all iPads (if using an original iPad, please be patient during use)
  • Hundreds of images, from best to worst, so you know exactly what works and what does not
  • Detailed captions. Know everything there is about the image you are looking for
  • Videos on key techniques like Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop, with more to come. Go beyond words!
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