Think Tank Retro 20 v2 on the road, rather airport gate ready to head home
I find myself often now needing a smaller kit for some projects. My big MP-1v2 or Airport Security or Int’l were just too big for a body and a couple of lenses. Did a whole bunch of bag looking and came upon a delight, the Think Tank Retro 20 v2. You see it pictured above, what you can see is all that’s in it. There’s the Z 30 (what I used to take the photo), a Z 9 with a Z24-120 attached. The Z70-200f2.8, Z14-24f2.8, Z40f2, SB-5000, filters, Rode Mic, ML-17, WR-R11a, business cards and some other small odds and ends. You can zip the main compartment closed so nothing can fall out which I do when flying (no one can help themselves) which folds out of the way and attaches to the main flap for quick access while shooting. There are a number of vertical pockets and an end one. All providing plenty of space and quick access. It fits under the seat on the plane and ride easily on the shoulder. It’s the perfect quick kit bag I highly recommend to you!
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