Northern Sea Otter captured by Z 9 / Z400f2.8

When in Alaska you gotta, gotta put away the clock, take a deep breath and just go with the flow. On our way into bear camp was a little delayed by the weather. The last couple of days all bush flights have been canceled with the huge winds so the start of today was slowed down as the storm blow out and then the back log of flights from the last couple of days started to take care of past postponed flights. Many were in the backcountry stranded who had to be picked up before we could use the Beaver for our flight. Well, what’s a photographer to do sittin on the dock waiting for your float plane?

I pulled out the Z 9 / Z400f2.8 and started to go click. Just then this Northern Sea Otter came cruising by. They normally aren’t at this local because of all the float plane traffic so it was a treasure. It was finding things to eat on the way so as he pasted by the first dock, I got some shots of it eating some slimy thing I thought was disgusting looking. It kept paddling to the next dock so I ran up the one, over and down the next in time to catch it munching on a urchin. The light wasn’t very nice, the wind still gusting by heck, even in these conditions one can make lemonade on the dock.

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